Not driving enough direct bookings, sales or enquiries?

You may very well be part of the 87% suffering without knowing the difference between a old, usesless online strategy and as well oiled, fire breathing machine of a online strategy.



Dear business builder, general manager or marketing lead hungry to generate more sales,
If you want to blow your business with qualified buyers wanting you to take their money, then this is the most important webpage you will ever read.
Here’s why: 
My name is Reshan Jayamanne and I’m an ex architect of 8 years turned digital strategist. I leveraged my unique skills of high complex problem solving, critical thinking and psychological design sales persuasion to tackle one of the biggest issues every business goes to battles with… how to generate more revenue.
When it comes to increasing revenue for my business, you name it and I can guarantee you that I’ve tried it.
Cold calling, creating Facebook ads, Google campaigns, countless sales funnels, Instagram influencer shout outs, referrals… whatever else you can think of.
You name it, I’ve tried it. 
I failed a lot as a early business owner that struggled to drive customers to my door and it led me to become obsessed with how I can increase revenue for my own business.
After many humbling failures, I decided to pay my way into some of the most influential rooms harboring the worlds best in sales and marketing. My hunger and raw desire to learn and be under great knowledge led me to being directly mentored by one of the worlds best in Facebook advertising, spending over 2 billion in advertising budget for clients such as the Golden State Warriors, Nike, Adidas, and other fortune 500 companies. 
As a direct result of being mentored by the best, I was able to clearly understand what it takes to create successful marketing campaigns that focused on results and not on pointless metrics that most other marketing agencies focus on.
So why am I telling you this? Isn’t this about a hard core strategy consultation?

Here’s why: 

My direct relationship with driving revenue for businesses lead me to discover the unique revenue potential within the accommodation industry. I was always drawn towards luxury hotels and resorts when I traveled globally for it’s unique ability to create lasting memories. As a digital strategists and architect, all I could think about was how I could amplify how I felt when I travelled to as many people as possible in order to fill these accommodation businesses to the brim with excited, motivated customers lining up to book a room to experience exactly how I felt. 
So my unique obsession with driving sales for businesses and my love for creating memorable experiences led me to pursue the goal of amplifying the uniqueness of every hotel, bnb, resort, grand hotel, villa agency, architect and real estate agencies around the world.
This was the very beginning of my hyper niche-specific luxury accommodation sales and marketing agency: Bnb Optimized.
Have we broken records yet? – No, but we’re on our way.
Have we successfully increased direct bookings and inquiries – you bet we have. 
This business then led me to network with incredible entrepreneurs on a global scale. From people managing 3.5 million follower Instagram accounts to others who manage and sell billions in real estate and pharmaceuticals. This combined with the global pandemic led me to helping many of my network take advantage of the current global pandemic by positioning themselves better with strategic sales and marketing.
If you’ve come this far in reading this text, I know you’re interested in increasing your revenue so I’m going to get straight to the point.
This consultation involves you doing absolutely nothing but after our call, it will take some work to implement. I waste no time in going straight to the point with actionable strategies you can use RIGHT AWAY to dramatically grow sales for your business…
The strategies outlined in this consultation can easily boost your sales by 10%, 20%, 30% or more. Use them together and you’ll experience an explosion in conversions and sales of 70%, 130% and sometimes even 250% or more. 
The power hour is your stepping stone to fight back against opposition. Enter your details and complete the payment below. Once complete, you will be sent to a call schedule page where you will schedule a time with me personally. I will share these sales-exploding tailored to your brand so you can dramatically grow revenue… Increase your profit margins… outsell your competitors… and leverage every dollar you invest to generate more customers, sales and profits.
Your truly,
Reshan Jayamanne.

Power Hour Strategy Consultation with Reshan Jayamanne

What would it be worth to you to have our experts identify the opportunities and “leaking buckets” when it comes to your online presence?

This is the basis of this package.

The Power Hour Consultation is a one-time consultation with our founder Reshan Jayamanne to deconstruct your business’s online presence and identify what required immediate attention. We find our clients want a better online system but don’t know where to start. This consultation will open your eyes to what requires your attention now in order to set your business up for a win.

✔️ You’ll understand what’s working and what’s not working when it comes to your presence online.

✔️ You’ll get a full understanding of what it takes to turn “lookers” into “bookers”

✔️ You can ask any questions from our team

✔️ INCLUDED: Snapshot report (valued at $497 USD) breaking down what’s working and what’s not working.


Frequently asked questions and answers:
Yes! After our initial consultation, if for any reason you feel that you need another consultation, please return to this page and purchase another consultation or simply ask Reshan on the call.
No. We believe in providing you with excellence at every step of the way. Therefore, our prices reflect our level of service.
No. If you are asking this question, you’re probably not a great fit for us. Therefore we’d advise you to try out our services at the basic level before committing to the Power Hour Consultation.
No. This is not a sales call, MLM opportunity, a “secret cult” or to get your money. This is an invite for you to see the full scope of your business’s opportunities and losses. On this call, we will structure a plan accordingly to where you are right now and help you develop a strategic plan to get your business to where it should be by either employing our team or by simply using your in-house marketing team.
Please bring your directors, and internal sales and marketing team (if you have one right now). Anyone who is required to make a viable decision in regards to your business’s revenue potential.
Please also bring you revenue numbers according to how much a customer is worth to you. We need this information to help you better so please make it accurate. Please also complete the GCT (goal, content, and targeting) form provided via email by our team to help us identify missed opportunities inline with your goals, content, and targeting once you have purchased the power hour strategy consultation.
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