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“Implementing our sales offer is a powerful business strategy to pick up your bottom end with high quality customers who know, like and trust our brand. It just makes sense.

reshan jayamanne (founder)

How our Sales package works.

When you partner with us, your business generates clients on auto with our curated Online Travel Agency (OTA) distribution network along with your very own listing on our Luxury Only Online Travel Agency. By partnering with us, you are raising your occupancy and revenue potential by inevitability marketing within our trusted network. This establishes a win-win scenario all parties involved.

1. Get Integrated

Schedule a call with our team and our on-boarding specialists will get all the required information from you to build your listing on our system.

2. Sync systems

Once our team has duplicated your listings on our system, we will sync your bookings system with ours to avoid double bookings. If you don't have a booking system, you can integrate our system on your website.

3. Launch

This is the exciting part! We launch your listings on our system and watch your calendar get booked with high quality customers you are now reaching under our Luxury brand. This is the power of partnerships.

We provide the an in-person experience online.

Global Luxury Distribution Network

Each property and it’s requirements means we must market the properties / rooms to the desired guest. Bnb Optimized will take on your listing and distribute it globally via our partner OTA’s and Luxury Brand to attract a high paying clientele. 

Marketing efforts include, listing distribution management via our network and optional collaboration with our network of social media influences tailored to travel and adventure.

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Listing Optimization

Once we receive your listing information, our team analyses your keywords, SEO, images and ADR (average daily rate) to market effectively to your ideal customer avatar. 

Revenue increases have been seen between 10%-50%, with some up to 84% depending on various factors related to the use of seasonal rate frequently being adjusted to match those of nearby hotel and boutique stays. Our access to dynamic pricing software, industry insight as well as tactful pricing structures will result in above average results with guests happy to pay for their stay at your location. 

Guest Communication

“How can we serve you?” – This is the attitude of our team collectively. It’s a sense of being taken care of and having your very own concierge with you at all times. 

With our team available 24/7, you can be sure that your guests are treated with the highest quality of online service and support around the clock. This enables Bnb Optimized to capture bookings speedily ahead of your competitors and attend to any requirements of the guests at any given time. Each guest will be assigned their very own agent online and have to go through a selection process to be determined as a safe guest for your space. An assigned online agent increases accountability for guests and almost guarantees 5 star reviews every time.

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Your Private Login & Online Payments

Bnb Optimized operates with full transparency. Therefore, we offer owners, hoteliers and managers the opportunity to monitor the health of their listing through a custom login. We offer our guests a full online experience where they book well in advance before their arrival allowing your team to focus on in house duties while having a clear view of future projected revenue. 

You will have a clear view of the health of your property, revenue generated and access downloadable reports at any given time. 

Discover what works for you and schedule a call with one of our specialist today!

Pricing Table

Our team becomes your team.


Large - Multi-location
30 % of total booking value
  • Exclusive listing on our Luxury Only OTA​
  • Listing Sales Copy and SEO look over.​
  • Access to Distribution Network (400+ Online Travel Agencies)​
  • The Personal Touch - Assigned Agent per guest for an immersive online concierge experience.
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • BONUS: Private Login
  • BONUS: Instant reporting
  • BONUS: Custom booking integration​


Small - Medium Businesses
15 % of total booking value
  • Listing Sales Copy and SEO look over.
  • Exclusive listing on our Luxury Only OTA
  • Access to Distribution Network (400+ Online Travel Agencies)
  • Monthly reporting
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • BONUS: Custom booking integration

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